About Les Filles Queen of the Mountains Racing Team

We are a women’s only cycle racing team based in and around London. Our target is Elite and National level road criterium races, but you will also find us racing locally and abroad.

Aims of Les Filles Queen of the Mountains Racing Team
Promote awareness of women’s cycling and in turn, encourage more women to take up cycling as a sport and increase participation in women’s racing
Provide opportunities for riders with full-time jobs and families, who are not interested in making cycling a career, to test themselves against the best in the country.
Create a team environment which fosters camaraderie, motivation and healthy competition
Raise the profile of the team, riders, and sponsors.
Race hard and in good spirit, support each other, and have fun
About Queen of the Mountains

Queen of the Mountains is a women’s specific performance cycling brand founded and owned by Alicia Bamford. They create beautiful cycling clothing designed by women, for women.

Racing Team

Nicole Oh
Nickname/AKA Captain Oh
Hometown Sydney
Day job Cycling Physiotherapist
Sporting background Nothing much before age 30, then Triathlon, eventually gravitating to Ironman Race Bike S-Works Amira
Favourite race Lincoln GP
Favourite cake stop Lamingtons in Bletchingly
Beer, wine or cider? Wine (unless it's for recovery purposes, then it's cider)
Little known fact Has been to 75 different countries
Twitter @PelotonPhysio
Tracy Corbett
Nickname/AKA TC
Hometown Cardiff
Day job Cycle, Rowing Coach, PT, Sports massage
Sporting background Rowing
Race Bike Amira by day, Giant Avail by night
Favourite race Bedford 3 Day
Favourite cake stop The Robin Cafe, Sheen
Beer, wine or cider? Wine Little known fact Used to be a right heffa
Twitter @TeeCee37
Helen McKay
Nickname/AKA The Ninja/ Killer/Clive/HtS (Helen the Shorter)
Hometown Cambridge
Day job Marketing
Sporting background 4th out of 4 in gymkhana once
Race Bike S-Works Tarmac/Cervelo P3
Favourite race They all hurt don’t they?
Favourite cake stop Classified information. I’d have to kill you if I told you.
Beer, wine or cider? Chateau Margaux any even years, I’m not fussy
Little known fact The Latin name for elephant is legus facus man
Twitter @cyclistmckay
Delia Beddis
Nickname/AKA Badass, Dizzle, Drizzle
Hometown Otley
Day job Project Manager
Sporting background Cycling and running
Race Bike Canyon Aeroad CF
Favourite race Crystal Palace but Tickhill GP too
Favourite cake stop Don’t bother, just push on and have some cheese when you get home
Beer, wine or cider? Wine
Little known fact I used to be able to do the splits on both legs and sideways.
Twitter @deliabeddis
Sophie Curle
Nickname/AKA (no nickname....yet ;)
Hometown London
Day job Full time mother, part time property manager
Sporting background Athletics growing up and then nothing significant until my husband bought me a bike for my 30th birthday.
Race Bike S Works Amira. N=1.
Favourite race Nocturne
Favourite cake stop Giro
Beer, wine or cider? Wine
Little known fact I have an identical twin sister.
Twitter @sophieccurle
Louise Mahe
Nickname/AKA Lou
Hometown Carshalton
Day job Teacher
Sporting background Cycling
Race Bike Giant Liv
Favourite race London Nocturne and anything Cyclo X
Favourite cake stop Well it was Fanny’s Farm :’(
Beer, wine or cider? Beer, prosecco and Gin
Little known fact I’m pretty nifty on a pair of skis too
Twitter @Team_Louise
Louise Moriarty
AKA: Mori / Lou / LouLou / Paddy’s sister
Hometown Dublin
Day job Architect
Sporting background Athletics, then Cycling Cycling Cycling
Race Bike Cervelo
Favourite race Track - clean, dry, warm and fast
Favourite cake stop Dynamo (for pre-ride breakfast, best meal of the day)
Beer, wine or cider? Gin
Little known fact Was known in her Dutch team as “Het meisje met de witte benen” (the girl with the white legs)
Twitter @Lou_Mori

Social Members

Coralie Glaunes
Clare Gillott
Laura Greenhalgh
Clem Copie
Claire Richardson
Alexie Shaw
Vikki Filsell