Women’s Tour of Yorkshire

Les Filles RT are ready to support Louise Mahe, LAST YEAR’S WINNER, to battle with the best and smash up the streets of Yorkshire on Saturday! Well that’s the plan anyway, admittedly the Tour of Yorkshire is going to be one of the hardest races our team has ever done, but we will endeavour to do the Number 1 jersey proud (Disclaimer: we do not actually know if Lou gets the Number 1 jersey). 
We also have plenty of local family and friends to do proud and thank for making this possible. Competing in this sort of race is nothing short of a logistical nightmare when your team all have full time jobs, but such is the Yorkshire way, we’ve not been short of people offering to help out. Thanks everyone!
So other than LAST YEAR’s WINNER, who else are we bringing to battle?
·       Delia Beddis. She’s from Otley too you know.
·       Clem Copie
·       Captain (Nicole) Oh
·       Laura Greenhalgh
·       Helen Ralston


Support comes in the way of mechanic George Kirkin (Imperial Cycles), honorary team manager and DS Michael Williams, as well as Terry Beddis, Helen McKay, Simon Shaw and Lexie Williams holding the (very important) reigns (and baby) as chief supporters/swannies/drivers.
You can watch us LIVE on Eurosport from 8.30am, or ITV4 from 10am.

The provisional start list can be found here:-
Wish is luck!

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